We offer a wide range of travel services for sending tourists abroad:


  • Sightseeing air and bus tours. Austria, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, Turkey, France, Czech Republic and many other countries.

  • Medical tours. Latvia, Czech Republic, Krasnodar region of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

  • VIP vacation. Realization of any of your whims.

  • Exotic tours. Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands. South America.

  • Beach tours. Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Maldives, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Crimea, Caucasus and many other destinations. 

  • Ski tourism. Switzerland, France, Andorra, Turkey, Austria.

  • Children’s rest. Rest abroad, on the sea, excursions.

  • Business tours. Visiting exhibitions, conferences, symposiums.

  • Study abroad. Learning English in the USA, England and Malta.